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Bride and Mother

My sister’s daughter and my niece, Amanda, was married on October 6th in Columbus, Ohio. It was probably the most fun wedding I have ever attended. And it was wonderful to spend some extended time with family. I extended the trip to Columbus to a mini vacation as well… a few days in Columbus and a few at my favorite B&B in Valley City, Ohio.   She asked me to design her wedding jewelry for her so that made it even more special. I’ve included pictures from the wedding throughout this post.

Table Decorations

Her mom and I went over earlier in the day to setup the table decorations. Amanda and her new husband, Matt, put so much time into the decorations, invitations, and creating a fun atmosphere to celebrate their day.  These were decorated with scrapbooking papers. Each grouping was in different colors which made the atmosphere very special.

Ring Bearer and Flower Girl

It was such a beautiful fall day (the ceremony was outdoors) with the trees at their peak of fall colors. It made the drive to Columbus even more spectacular. Despite the chilly day and rain the night before, Saturday was a beautiful day. My niece is a veterinarian so the dog and cat also participated in the ceremony.  The furry Ring Bearer and Flower Girl somewhat patiently waited outside with Andy (Amanda’s brother) for the ceremony to get started. Scout (the Flower Girl) was a real pro. Rob (the ring bearer/cat) mostly wanted to lay down and have someone rub his belly. He was hand-carried down the aisle by Amanda’s other brother, T.J.


Amanda and Matt


The ceremony was accompanied by music played by a harpist and Amanda’s father. The fall leaves were a perfect background for the wedding. The flowers were a vibrant purple, golden yellow and bright green. The bridesmaids wore eggplant dresses. Everyone looked so beautiful despite the fact that is was a very cool fall day. The vows for the ceremony were written by Amanda and Matt. They and most of us were pretty teary-eyed as the completed their vows.

For more detailed shots of the wedding jewelry, visit my “About” page at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Diviniteez/about


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