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Time for a change… after a few years of being in business, a new name has been chosen that fits the genre, style, and purpose of my artistic endeavors. The new name is “Fleur de Life”. This name encompasses what is unique about all my creations… jewelry that is not just another beautiful face on the market but jewelry that is energized with positive energy based on over 30 years of energy work experience. All my jewelry designs are in effect talisman pieces.

The two jewelry shops that are on Etsy will be merged into https://www.etsy.com/shop/fleurdelife that will replace the former Les Trois Fleurs Etsy shop. Once that merge is complete, the Diviniteez! shop will be closed. My third shop, Trunk Sale (https://www.etsy.com/shop/trunksale), is a supply shop for artisans and will remain on Etsy.


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Bride and Mother

My sister’s daughter and my niece, Amanda, was married on October 6th in Columbus, Ohio. It was probably the most fun wedding I have ever attended. And it was wonderful to spend some extended time with family. I extended the trip to Columbus to a mini vacation as well… a few days in Columbus and a few at my favorite B&B in Valley City, Ohio.   She asked me to design her wedding jewelry for her so that made it even more special. I’ve included pictures from the wedding throughout this post.

Table Decorations

Her mom and I went over earlier in the day to setup the table decorations. Amanda and her new husband, Matt, put so much time into the decorations, invitations, and creating a fun atmosphere to celebrate their day.  These were decorated with scrapbooking papers. Each grouping was in different colors which made the atmosphere very special.

Ring Bearer and Flower Girl

It was such a beautiful fall day (the ceremony was outdoors) with the trees at their peak of fall colors. It made the drive to Columbus even more spectacular. Despite the chilly day and rain the night before, Saturday was a beautiful day. My niece is a veterinarian so the dog and cat also participated in the ceremony.  The furry Ring Bearer and Flower Girl somewhat patiently waited outside with Andy (Amanda’s brother) for the ceremony to get started. Scout (the Flower Girl) was a real pro. Rob (the ring bearer/cat) mostly wanted to lay down and have someone rub his belly. He was hand-carried down the aisle by Amanda’s other brother, T.J.


Amanda and Matt


The ceremony was accompanied by music played by a harpist and Amanda’s father. The fall leaves were a perfect background for the wedding. The flowers were a vibrant purple, golden yellow and bright green. The bridesmaids wore eggplant dresses. Everyone looked so beautiful despite the fact that is was a very cool fall day. The vows for the ceremony were written by Amanda and Matt. They and most of us were pretty teary-eyed as the completed their vows.

For more detailed shots of the wedding jewelry, visit my “About” page at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Diviniteez/about

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What did I learn today? I’ve been experimenting with some vintage and other random pieces. It is a different creative experience to start with a component that already exists and you may not even particularly like. It causes you to open up your brain and think – how could I make this work? Some of my favorite artists have created some incredibly great jewelry and art from literally the kitchen sink – hardware, plumbing, etc. The process of looking at a component from all the angles, all the techniques, media, drawing it, even cartooning it can help break you out of a lock if you get stuck… and I think we all get stuck sometimes.

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Sterling Silver Bezel on Copper Base with Jasper Cabachon

I just finished an 8-week metalsmithing class at Sands Jewelers in Richmond Heights. This was on my wish list of skills I wanted to develop. The 8-week format was ideal for me to get enough studio time to anchor this new skill. In addition, Steve Kozlowski is an excellent teacher. Everyone in the class was working on a different type of project so each of us in the class learned about a broad range of metalsmithing techniques. I am very happy with the finished piece that I created in this class. The design was created with a copper base, cut into the shape of a flower. A jasper cabachon was set into a sterling silver bezel which was welded onto the copper base. The bail was attached to the pendant with a jump ring. Here is a picture of the design.


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It has been a very busy year…. a lot of changes… but as with changes, if you relax and flow with it, they will change you, enhance you, and bring you new insights. A better part of this year was spent studying for and earning my certification as a Project Manager (PMP). Now I am getting back into the groove of my creative pursuits and preparing for upcoming shows.

Paw-don Me Miss But Wolf You Love Me

I closed the store in Richmond Heights in favor of an online selling venue. Although I miss the people and the beautiful location, I am now the proud owner of 3 Etsy shops… I’ve asked other sellers… “How can you keep up with more than one shop?”. Well, now I know that you can keep up with multiple shops. Les Trois Fleurs is still the first born and seems to be evolving into my boutique shop. Here is a recent design that was created for the release of “Breaking Dawn”.

Lapis Pyrite Buddha Necklace

Diviniteez! was started as my “energy shop” and features natural stones, chakra bracelets, and energy jewelry. Everything listed in this shop has been energized with my years of experience as an energy worker, clearance technologist, and reiki master.

Trunk Sale Beads

Then I needed an outlet for the inventory from the store. I also had accumulated a lot of jewelry making supplies that I was not sure I would use. As you grow your skills in a particular craft,  your style evolves and your taste in materials evolves with it. So Trunk Sale was born and it is rapidly growing into the treasury of finds it was intended to be. Trunk Sale offers beads, tools, other crafting supplies, and vintage items.

One of my goals this year was also to extend my network beyond the Cleveland area. I am now a member of numerous teams on Etsy, recently curated an Etsy BNR for the first time, and started selling internationally a few months ago.

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I attended a free class today that covered metal folding and wire wrapping in copper at Bead Q! in Chagrin Falls. Learning new techniques is so inspiring and opens up new creative avenues. It is a great way to get re-inspired and expand your versatility as a jewelry designer.

Folded Metal Copper Heart with Copper Lacing


Included in this post is a picture of the pendant created in this class.  Bead Q! is a great local bead shop with high quality supplies and great instructors. Highly recommended if you are a novice or an experienced jewelry artisan.

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See the comments to my last “Photos-R-Us” post for the feedback from Mariano Pastor. You can view all his articles and related posts at www.handmadeology.com.  This was great feedback so with better lighting I was able to make a second round of shots  using the tissue paper on the window and a tripod.

Shot with Aqua Background Shot taken on beige backgroundI tried several different backgrounds and  the results were much better. This first shot is one with an aqua background. I wasn’t sure whether the apatite beads would be lost with a near-matching background and they still stood out. It’s not my favorite but it is an improvement over the previous shots.

The second one is on a beige background. It still picked up the aqua color of the apatite stones. The color must be reflected off the foil.

Shot taken with brown backgroundThe third shot, my favorite, is on a brown background with printing on it. I was reluctant to use this paper for a background because I thought that the jewelry piece would “fade out” against this background. I was wrong… happily wrong.  It seemed to really complement the jewelry and made it stand out.  I have been resisting using my tripod because the resulting photos were very blurry. With some practice I worked out the bug and learned to maneuver it with more ease and this really sharpened the quality of the photographs.

If you are wanting to improve your photography skills, I highly recommend that you visit www.handmadeology.com and work with some of the photography suggestions.

Have a great weekend … and stay warm if you are local to Cleveland. Let’s all send lots of prayers  and love to our fellow humankind in Japan!

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