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I’ve just added some beautiful new pieces to my Etsy shop:

This wonderful, large faceted glass rondelle inspired me to create some larger, bolder designs.

Arthur’s Cross Necklace: this is made with a natural brass chain and bead caps, stunning 15mm aqua glass beads, and a verdigris cross.

Bounty’s Hoop Earrings:  Hand hammered fine silver ear hoops, about 2″ in diameter with the same aqua glass faceted rondelles and bali silver beads.

The aqua glass beads were purchased at Bead Q! in Chagrin Falls.


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Here is the next feature on natural gemstones for the Les Trois Fleurs… Artistic Muse blog. What I typically experience each year with Taurus energy is the earth matter coming up through my legs as I start to break into the spring energy. Compared to the newness of the season, I feel like I am moving through a great field of resistance and that everything is taking forever to get done. Taurus naturally rules the second house of the Astrological natural wheel. After the initial burst of Aries energy, Taurus matter feels slow and inert. Yet it is steadfast and, like the bull, puts its head down to getting the tasks done. Taurus energy will follow-through after the initial high of the Aries energy wears off but it takes the will of Aries to keep moving through what feels like tremendous resistance.

For me, that initial impulse to work with gemstones continues. Yet it has been work to get through the first project of working with the stones. In the energy of Taurus, which is ruled by Venus, everything is beautiful and I could buy a truck load of these stones. But if I am not careful, the truckload will weigh me down and I will get nothing accomplished. I have to make my appreciation of beauty practical.

There are many stones that vibrate to the Astrological sign of Taurus. Here is a list compiled from different resources: Amblygonite, Basalt, Black Spinel, Boji Stones, Boleite Crystals, Carnelian, Chrysocolla, Chrysanthemum Stone, Cuprite, Emerald, Hanksite, Iolite, Kunzite, Kyanite, Llanoite, Red Jasper, Rhodonite, Rose Quartz, Scapolite, Selenite, Thulite (Pink Zoisite), Variscite, and Zinscite. This month’s feature will focus on Carnelian and Emeralds.

Please feel free to comment on your own experiences with these stones.


Carnelian is a member of chalcedony family. The name comes from the word “carni” (flesh) which refers to its color. Like Taurus, Carnelian is a great Taurus stone as it helps us build that connection between the Earth and the Universe and then find your place or role, how you will practice this role on the earth to fulfill your part in the universal plan – it is your connection to becoming inspired from the world of spirit. Other keywords for Carnelian are: precision, awakening of inherent talents, adroitness, creativity, compassion, and analytical skills. Carnelian is a great protector stone guarding you from mis-qualified emotions such as envy, fear, and rage. This stone can be used to clear negativity from other stones and into the light to be transformed. Carnelian brings inspiration to you from the spiritual world. It is a feeling stone and helps you connect with and feel energies. This stone vibrates to numbers 5 and 6 and the Astrological Signs of Taurus, Cancer, and Leo


Emerald is one of the beryls. This stone can be used to open the heart chakra while also calming the emotions. It helps with being successful in long-term love relationships, building harmony, and encourages relaxation. Other keywords for this stone include: sensitivity and loyalty, memory enhancement, and intelligence and discernment. These qualities lead to what is called “right action”. My understanding and experience of “right action” is first, knowing your purpose in life; then second gaining the understanding from life’s experiences of the feeling of that purpose, and then using the purpose/will combined with that higher wisdom, to guide and direct your actions; thus becoming focused. The natural result of this is the elimination of impediments to your progress, negativity yielding more positive results.  The emerald vibrates to the number 4 and the Astrological Signs of Taurus, Gemini, and Aries.

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Here is the next feature on natural gemstones for the Les Trois Fleurs… Artistic Muse blog. I confess that I am a little late on this one! I was taken over for a few weeks by tax and show preparation. During March, the Sun moved into Aries. Aries naturally rules the 1st house, the house of new beginnings, of the Astrological natural wheel. Remember that the energy last month was about cleaning up unfinished business. And if you did, you now have a clean slate for your “new beginning” this month. I live in Northeast Ohio. Spring came here very early with unseasonably warm weather. Flowering trees and bulbs appeared almost instantly so the energy of Aries is in full bloom where I live. If you have felt an urge to start something new then you are experiencing the energy of Aries.   

Aries has manifested in my life an urge to work with gemstones. When I was a little girl in grade school, I had my first boyfriends. We played at becoming engaged. I would ask for a ruby or emerald engagement ring which they would buy at the local gum ball machine. I made myself a promise then that when I “grew up”, I would someday own a real ruby. I had the great fortune a few years ago to buy a ruby ring in India at a wonderful jeweler right outside of the Taj Mahal. The trip to India was very transformational for me and there were many “new beginnings” for me as a result of that trip.   

There are many stones that vibrate to the Astrological sign of Aries. Here is a list compiled from different resources: Crazy Lace Agate, Fire Agate, Aquamarine, Green Aventurine, Axinite, Citrine, Emerald, Hematite, Herderite, Kunzite, Kyanite, Magnesite, Phlogopit, Sardonyx, and Sunstone. This month’s feature will focus on Green Aventurine and Citrine.   

Green Aventurine   

Aventurine Around Handmade Bracelet


  The word “Aventurine” sounds like “adventuring” which is very Arian. This stone is said to give adventure and luck. Yet Aventurine is known to be a Heart Chakra stone. It can be used to clear, activate, and protect the Heart Chakra. It is also beneficial for balancing the different bodies – bodies meaning mental, emotional, physical, and auric. Other keywords for Aventurine include: healing, money, creativity, mental agility, visual acuity, peace, heart opening, motivation, courage, independence, and leadership. I’ve read that you can leave the stone in water overnight and then use the water to bathe the eyes and skin to sooth irritations. Green Aventurine vibrates to the number 3 and the Astrological Sign of Aries.   


You will often hear me say, “This is one of my favorite stones”. Part of my passion is working with stones and as a result I fall in love with each one very easily. Citrine is one of my favorites. I have a large Citrine crystal at Les Trois Fleurs as my “merchant stone”. I use it to draw in the energies of prosperity and abundance into my business. This is an exercise of consistently visualizing, emoting and acting in a way that is opulent until it becomes a natural part of my expression. And also trusting that the universe will respond to my efforts to manifest this in my life. These three levels – mental, emotional, and physical – help to anchor my intent as a trinity of energy. Citrine is also beneficial for problem solving, mental awareness, and motivation – all good for planning and then implementing a plan. It also encourages the emotional balance and self-assurance needed when your convictions are being tested (great for issues with anger). One of the great aspects of this stone is that is dissipates and transmutes negativity and does not need cleansing. Many stones absorb and accumulate the negative energy until cleansed.  Citrine vibrates to the number 6 and the Astrological Signs of Gemini, Aries, Libra, and Leo.

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Here is the next feature on natural gemstones for the Les Trois Fleurs… Artistic Muse blog. The Tuscon Gem show is now over and I have just received some beautiful new stones at the shop in Richmond Heights. The Sun is now moving into Pisces. Pisces is the sign that naturally rules the 12th house of the Astrological natural wheel. This is the house of unfinished business. You may find that little issues are arising that may have been left undone over the last year.  Pisces is also a very compassionate and intuitive sign. The glyph for Pisces is the two fishes swimming in different directions. This symbol is historically found in religious, sacred, and other ancient cultural sites all across the globe – a universally recognized symbol. And typically with an energy influence shift, symbols of that shift will just start cropping up everywhere. I happened to be in a bead shop a couple of nights ago and there were ceramic and other type of fish symbol beads that I had never seen before. Was it that they were always there and the energy influence just made me more aware of them or were they more attractive to the shop buyer because of the energy influence? I could not take my eyes off of them. They were “calling to me”. 

You might ask, “What does it mean that a stone ‘vibrates’ to a number or a sign?” From my perspective, we are all like tuning forks. Everyone has other people or places that they most naturally resonate to. Isn’t it possible that the same is true of stones, and anything else on this planet? Reading up on some of the numerology materials, the characteristics associated with a particular number are often like at least some of the characteristics listed for the different stones that “vibrate” to that number. For example: apatite is known to be the stone of humanitarian efforts and vibrates to the number 9, also listed as the number of a humanitarian. If you want to learn more about metaphysical principles there is a link to a great training center on this blog’s home page. 

There are many stones that vibrate to the Astrological sign of Pisces. Here is a list compiled from different resources: agate (blue lace), amethyst, anhydrite, aquamarine, bloodstone, carrolite, Chinese writing rock (very similar in appearance to last month’s chrysanthemum stone), fluorite, kernite, fire opals, green quartz, Smithsonite, staurolite (Faery Crosses), and turquoise.  This month’s feature will focus on apatite and staurolite (Fairy or Faery Crosses). 


How's Your Apatite Necklace on http://www.lestroisfleurs.etsy.com


As Apatite comes in many colors, it is often mistaken for other stones. It’s name is derived from a Greek word that means “to deceive”. Apatite is an “enhancer” stone, a stone that facilitates, speeds up, magnifies, and/or assures the results of other stones. Apatite is on my list of favorites, both due to the wonderful colors and even more because it is a stone of service and humanitarian efforts. Other key words/phrases for this stone include: stimulation of the intellect, dissolver of aloofness and negativity, enhancement of creativity, interface point between consciousness and matter, expansion of knowledge, disclosure of “truth to freedom”, “stone of the future”; elimination of mental confusion; integration, coordination, balancing; enhancer of clairvoyance, clairsentience, awareness of the devic kingdom, past-life events and their meaning in your current life (for those of you who believe in reincarnation). This stone vibrates to the Astrological signs of Gemini, Pisces, and Capricorn and the number 9 generally. The Blue/Green color vibrates to the number 8. 


A feature on Fairy Crosses (staurolite) seemed appropriate given the upcoming Saint Patrick’s holiday. This stone is also named after a Greek word, in this case, meaning “cross”. Found in Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, New Mexico, and Russia, this stone forms both 90 degree Greek crosses and 60 degree St. Andrew crosses. One of the legends related to this stone is that the crosses were created by the tears of Fairies when they heard of Christ’s Crucifixion. This stone is a talisman of good luck. It is also reported to aid in connecting with the ancients from the Middle East. Historically, these stones go back to the Crusades and are mentioned throughout history: a healing of Richard the Lionhearted during the Crusades, worn by Pocahontas and given to John Smith for protection, and worn by Teddy Roosevelt as a good luck charm. This stone is also beneficial for “kicking the habits” of smoking as well as removing the damage that smoking has caused to the physical body. This stone vibrates to the Astrological sign of Pisces and the number 5.

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This is the first in a series of articles on natural gemstones that will be available on the Les Trois Fleurs blog. Natural gemstones are not only beautiful to behold but they each have energies that have been used for thousands of years for specific purposes – protection, healing, meditation and channeling. I will be pulling information from well-known references such as Love is in the Earth – The Crystal and Mineral Encyclopedia, The Liite Fantastic and the Last Testament by Melody and other references in addition to my experience with stones.  

Each stone is also reputed to vibrate most naturally with certain astrological signs and numbers. Yet, each person also has a unique vibration. So learn from the references and also learn to trust your own experience and response to a stone. Most importantly, a stone’s energy can’t change you permanently. It can facilitate your plans to grow, achieve, and heal. It is my belief that a healing, regardless of the source, can temporarily clear you of negative energies. Yet in order for that change to be permanent, it requires an individual to actively and consistently work a change program.  

The sun is now in the sign of Aquarius and will soon to move into the sign of Pisces. There are many stones that vibrate to the sign of Aquarius. Here is a list compiled from different resources: amber, amethyst, ammonites, angelite (angel crystal), barite, bertrandite, boji® stone, cavansite, chrysanthemum stone (angel crystal), feldspar, fuchsite, garnet, hematite, kurnakovite, magnetite, mica, and shattuckite. These stones provide a range of colors for you Aquarians – gold, purple-violet, red, black, pink, gray, turquoise and so forth. To cover all of these in any depth would need many pages so I will focus on two that stood out to me as I was working with and researching them: chrysanthemum stone and garnet. Read on… don’t they seem like good partner stones?  

Chrysanthemum Stone  

Chrysanthemum Stone Pendant at http://www.lestroisfleurs.etsy.com


Chrysanthemum stones have been found in Japan, China, Canada, Belgium and the Lake Superior region of the United States. It seems that all stones were given names that were meaningful to their purpose. Why would a stone be named “Chrysanthemum Stone”? These stones have an amazingly beautiful white flower pattern on their black façade. The white part is reported to be Celestite, an “angel crystal”, for transformation and the flowering of spirituality… slowly over time… through experience… with the result being unity… Sound like a nice journey for the soul? Here are some other keywords for this beauty: harmony, change, renewal of love and family relationships, unity, innocence, enjoyment of the present moment, calm confidence; inspires, enlivens, achievement and brings efforts to fruition. It also works to dispel bigotry, mental distractions, superficiality, ignorance, self-righteousness, animosity, and resentment (just to name a few!).  


Garnet Waves Earrings on http://www.lestroisfleurs.etsy.com


Garnet comes in various shades of red, brown, pink, orange and also green. This stone has been used by priests, knights and warriors to decorate their breastplates, weapons and shields and is known as a sacred stone by many cultures (Hindu, Buddhist, American Indians, South American Indians, Aztecs, and Mayan) for enlightenment and wisdom. This stone is known to work as quickly as it’s inner fire for expansion of consciousness; constructiveness; commitment, balance and integration; to develop, rekindle, and renew love and compassion; to bring creative abilities into manifestation; as an extractor of negative energy from the chakras and then to raise that negative energy to a higher quality. Sometimes the color of a stone, as well as its name, is indicative of its qualities – garnets, often a red, work with blood circulation, strengthening the heart, vitality, and also improving memory. The name was derived from a Latin word meaning “pomegranate” which is a mystical symbol for the fruit of the sacred bloodline. Also important for the users of this stone is direct contact with the skin as the movement of the stone multiplies its effect for the wearer. Recommendations are to clean this stone monthly under hot-to-the-touch water and then placing it in the sun to recharge the stone. Garnets vibrate to the number 2 and to the Astrological signs of Aquarius, Capricorn, and Leo. 

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