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It has been an absolute “bear” of a week so I am happy to be back bloggin’.

If I had a #1 recommendation to make to anyone who is considering making jewelry for a living  (or any craft) it would be to plan your projects and then spend according to your plan. I love creative work and therefore deeply appreciate the creativity of others. So when I see another item “that I just love”, my first impulse is to buy it. But consider that when you are first starting out, you might not know yet what your style is or will become. Speaking from experience my tastes, skills, and style changed tremendously over the first few years of being in business. Many of the supplies initially purchased no longer fit my evolving style. Also consider repeatability of your products. If a customer loves a necklace you created, can you remake it for another customer? … possibly not if you didn’t purchase enough materials to repeat the design. If you plan to relist the same item multiple times you may be able to save on material costs. So back to the word “plan”… it doesn’t have to be for a lifetime… make a plan for a year, or for a shorter time frame initially, three months, until you get some experience and know your tastes better. That’s the beauty of creating… it is an adventure that evolves over time… you decide the techniques, colors, and textures… and experience the wondrous gift of expressing your passion! 

Have fun creating!… Feel free to comment with your own suggestions.


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