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Come visit Les Trois Fleurs and Diviniteez at the Holiday Craft Show sponsored by The Blessed Sacrament Guild of St. Paschal Baylon Parish on Saturday, November 19, 2011. The show is open from 9 am – 4 pm and the admission is $2.00.

Click here to see the flier for details.

Located at:
Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Guild
St. Paschal Baylon Church
5384 Wilson Mills Road
Highland Hts., Ohio  44143

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What did I learn today? I’ve been experimenting with some vintage and other random pieces. It is a different creative experience to start with a component that already exists and you may not even particularly like. It causes you to open up your brain and think – how could I make this work? Some of my favorite artists have created some incredibly great jewelry and art from literally the kitchen sink – hardware, plumbing, etc. The process of looking at a component from all the angles, all the techniques, media, drawing it, even cartooning it can help break you out of a lock if you get stuck… and I think we all get stuck sometimes.

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Sterling Silver Bezel on Copper Base with Jasper Cabachon

I just finished an 8-week metalsmithing class at Sands Jewelers in Richmond Heights. This was on my wish list of skills I wanted to develop. The 8-week format was ideal for me to get enough studio time to anchor this new skill. In addition, Steve Kozlowski is an excellent teacher. Everyone in the class was working on a different type of project so each of us in the class learned about a broad range of metalsmithing techniques. I am very happy with the finished piece that I created in this class. The design was created with a copper base, cut into the shape of a flower. A jasper cabachon was set into a sterling silver bezel which was welded onto the copper base. The bail was attached to the pendant with a jump ring. Here is a picture of the design.


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It has been a very busy year…. a lot of changes… but as with changes, if you relax and flow with it, they will change you, enhance you, and bring you new insights. A better part of this year was spent studying for and earning my certification as a Project Manager (PMP). Now I am getting back into the groove of my creative pursuits and preparing for upcoming shows.

Paw-don Me Miss But Wolf You Love Me

I closed the store in Richmond Heights in favor of an online selling venue. Although I miss the people and the beautiful location, I am now the proud owner of 3 Etsy shops… I’ve asked other sellers… “How can you keep up with more than one shop?”. Well, now I know that you can keep up with multiple shops. Les Trois Fleurs is still the first born and seems to be evolving into my boutique shop. Here is a recent design that was created for the release of “Breaking Dawn”.

Lapis Pyrite Buddha Necklace

Diviniteez! was started as my “energy shop” and features natural stones, chakra bracelets, and energy jewelry. Everything listed in this shop has been energized with my years of experience as an energy worker, clearance technologist, and reiki master.

Trunk Sale Beads

Then I needed an outlet for the inventory from the store. I also had accumulated a lot of jewelry making supplies that I was not sure I would use. As you grow your skills in a particular craft,  your style evolves and your taste in materials evolves with it. So Trunk Sale was born and it is rapidly growing into the treasury of finds it was intended to be. Trunk Sale offers beads, tools, other crafting supplies, and vintage items.

One of my goals this year was also to extend my network beyond the Cleveland area. I am now a member of numerous teams on Etsy, recently curated an Etsy BNR for the first time, and started selling internationally a few months ago.

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