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Julia Cameron is the author of several bestselling books on the artistic process. Today I received a link to an interview with Julia that is very informative. Many of the thoughts she puts forward I have experienced personally and thoughts like these can undermine your trust in  your own creative abilities and your success as an artist as well.

I first saw Julia in a showing of the Beyond Belief DVD at the CHEMAM Movie Night held at Laughing Creek. Check out the link to CHEMAM  on the Home page to see the regularly scheduled movie nights. They are very inspiring and always followed by thoughtful discussion about the movie.

Click here to view the interview with Julia Cameron… enjoy!

The Beyond Belief DVD, CDs, and workbook are available through Les Trois Fleurs at Laughing Creek.


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To accompany the first article in the Stones that Rock! feature, it seems appropriate in this first Inspirational Writings feature to acknowledge the Love is in the Earth series by Melody.  I discovered this book while attending a Mary Magdalene workshop at Lily Dale, New York about two years ago (more about the Magdalena later). I have to confess that I was initially put off by the sheer size of the book. Yet, I could not walk away from it… for good reason. This book has in-depth information about minerals – historical, locality, formation, chemical composition, and metaphysical properties, and photographs of the different variations of a mineral. Melody has a remarkable ability to foster appreciation for each mineral – thousands of them – as she writes about the unique and beneficial characteristics of each one. Her writing extends beyond a list of “facts” and leaves the reader with an experience, a feeling, of the transformational benefits of including a mineral in their change program.  I keep this book on a shelf in the shop and customers often refer to it when searching for a stone for a specific purpose.  I refer to it regularly when using stones in jewelry designs. This book is an international best-seller and rekindles a love for our planet earth and ourselves (We are made of minerals, aren’t we?).

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